Anchoring My Gun Safe Down

Do I really need to anchor my gun safe to the floor?  It is already very heavy and hard to move. This is a question that is asked regularly because it usually is a bit more of a hassle to install the safe when you are trying to anchor it.

Homeowners Insurance
Does your insurance company require anchoring to get the price break for a residential security container?  Check with your agent to see if this will help.

Added Security?
Most safe manufacturers provide four anchor holes in the bottom of the safe allowing for easy installation of floor anchors.  With the bolts in place, the safe will stay in one place even with a would be thief trying to move it from it's current location.  Many thief's try to tip it over to make it easier to pry the door open.  Many safes have also been removed from homes only to break in to the safe offsite.

Anchoring to wood vs concrete
Of course it would be need

Added security is never a bad idea.  Anchor your safe will only give you added piece of mind regarding the security of your belongings.

Colby Seegmiller
Fortified Safe & Security

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