How Long a Fire Rating Do I Need?

As with most things in life, most of us think: "more is better." In the case of the fire rating on your safe, more is definitely better. Unfortunately, more fire rating costs more money and most of us are on a budget. So, the question becomes: How much do I need? The answer to that…
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Anchoring My Gun Safe Down

Do I really need to anchor my gun safe to the floor? ¬†It is already very heavy and hard to move. This is a question that is asked regularly because it usually is a bit more of a hassle to install the safe when you are trying to anchor it. Homeowners Insurance Does your insurance…
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Buying a Gun Safe

by B. Gil Horman -¬†Thursday, December 13, 2012 It was the winter of 1994, and I was working my way through college behind the gun counter at a major sporting goods store. One of the reasons folks liked to stop by this location was the selection of quality gun safes available for inspection on the…
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