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featured products

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Make Your Safe a CenterpieceDesign around it!

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Liberty Safe is a Utah based company that builds quality safes with a broad range of offerings from the basic to beautiful, handcrafted glossy finished gun safes.


Rhino Metals is an Idaho based company that makes gun safes look amazing!.  The Ironworks line can add an industrial look to your study. Other offerings include the Rhino, Kodiak and Bighorn Classic lines.

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American Security offers standard gun safes all the way up to the Grand-daddy of all safes sporting a dual wall system filled with a fire retardant matrix weighing in at an amazing 4500#.  Other lines include wall safes, floor safes and other offerings for the commercial market.

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Curbside delivery is the most basic delivery option.  Our delivery driver pulls up to the curb at the designated delivery location and places the safe literally curbside.   Packaging materials are not removed from the safe.  The shipping pallet is not removed from the bottom of the safe.  The safe is not moved into the garage.  This is the most basic of delivery services.

Up or Down Stairs

Stairs are particularly tricky.  Our main floor delivery fee will apply with the addition of a $20 per stair charge.  Fortified Safe will not haul safes over 1000# up or down stairs.  Fortified Safe reserves the right to refuse to haul safes on stairs deemed questionable or unsafe.

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Our white glove installation service starts with our main floor delivery.  The safe will be moved into the desired room of the home on the main floor. Packaging materials and the shipping pallet will be removed from the safe. The safe will be set in its final location, leveled and anchored to the floor when desired or appropriate.  A walk through of the safe features will be completed with the customer. A final inspection and wipe down will finish off the installation.

Safes over 1000#

When the weight of the safe exceeds 1000# we will review the installation location construction materials, floor finishes at the installation location as well as the path the safe will have to take to get to the delivery location.  Fortified Safe reserves the right to refuse to haul safes on floor systems deemed questionable or unsafe.

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Dial Lock Combination Change

Changing the combination to your dial lock can be done by Fortified Safe depending on the lock brand of your safe.  Give us a call to discuss this service for your safe.

Safe or Vault Door Installation

Fortified Safe can install your gun safe, floor safe, wall safe or vault door. We can also work with your contractor and/or architect to help provide a safe solution that works and fits into your home design.

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Electronic Lock Installation

When it comes to locks, electronic locks can make it easier for those getting in and out of the safe frequently.  We would be happy to come to you to change out your lock. Looking for something EMP proof?  Let us help you find the lock that fits your requirements.

Other Services

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Financing from Liberty Safe

Liberty Safe is offering financing on qualifying safes over $850. 12 month Interest free or 60 month plans are available.

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Liberty Safe Sale

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Lock up your firearms Save a life!

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